Monday, November 23, 2009

Well Then

Is it possible to forgive someone? Sure it is. Is it possible to forgive what they have done? Sure it is. Is it possible to forever forget what they have done? NO!
I am just in a blogging mood.
I have no clue why, so many things are on my mind these days.
Paperwork has been filed & fingers crossed the attn finally gets it filed w/the court. They are so quick to want your money then drag ass when they have to do work.
Bryans ex... claims she has no money to help pay for the attn fees in their case. Excuse me douchebag... your husband just deployed so in 30 days you will have extra money coming in so you have the money.
Some days I wish it were legal to bitch slap people.
My friends... why do I call them friends anyways? With the exception of a handful they are all acquaintances. I get sick of only getting called when someone wants something.
I myself will not help a single friend move again....
Taking pics for them.. it will not happen. I am not a great photographer & I admit that. Dont ask me to take pics and never pay me. That pisses me off. Also, if you say you want to buy something from me your ass better have money in hand if you want product.

Bry & myself are doing GREAT! We just bought a house. It's coming along..everything is getting put away.. to much work. I hate Texas but lordy I dont wanna move again for a while.
I have no patience for fake ass ppl anymore. I have no need for all the drama you so called friends need to live with. Yes, we all have drama but its how much you allow yourself to have.
Looking forward & pls send positive thoughts my way!