Monday, August 23, 2010


yes it has been a long over due time. In a few hours I will be saying goodbye to my love for a short time. I hate goodbyes because it makes it sound like the end.
I am very thankful that we were able to renew our vows this past summer & have the girls there. Not to mention the support of our friends. I am forever thankful to them for sharing the day with us.

I am doing good at the moment with him leaving. However I know once he is walking out of the gym to go to the bus I will be a complete wreck. It will last for a tad then I will be all good. No whiny ass here. We all have our days.

So I guess I shall blog more... I do tons of updates on fb... maybe I shall change that with doing this....

Monday, November 23, 2009

Well Then

Is it possible to forgive someone? Sure it is. Is it possible to forgive what they have done? Sure it is. Is it possible to forever forget what they have done? NO!
I am just in a blogging mood.
I have no clue why, so many things are on my mind these days.
Paperwork has been filed & fingers crossed the attn finally gets it filed w/the court. They are so quick to want your money then drag ass when they have to do work.
Bryans ex... claims she has no money to help pay for the attn fees in their case. Excuse me douchebag... your husband just deployed so in 30 days you will have extra money coming in so you have the money.
Some days I wish it were legal to bitch slap people.
My friends... why do I call them friends anyways? With the exception of a handful they are all acquaintances. I get sick of only getting called when someone wants something.
I myself will not help a single friend move again....
Taking pics for them.. it will not happen. I am not a great photographer & I admit that. Dont ask me to take pics and never pay me. That pisses me off. Also, if you say you want to buy something from me your ass better have money in hand if you want product.

Bry & myself are doing GREAT! We just bought a house. It's coming along..everything is getting put away.. to much work. I hate Texas but lordy I dont wanna move again for a while.
I have no patience for fake ass ppl anymore. I have no need for all the drama you so called friends need to live with. Yes, we all have drama but its how much you allow yourself to have.
Looking forward & pls send positive thoughts my way!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Non sense

It amazes me how many ppl tell lies... and so many different lies at that. I just sit and listen to it all and laugh.
So my LOVERBOY got me a new camera. So I have been playing with that.

I have had a great past 2 weeks with Bry. He leaves for school soon. Yes it sucks but it is better for our future, esp BRYS!

oh more to come soon!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I hate to feel like I am being used. It has happened with a friend in the not to distant past and I feel as if it is happening again. Why am I way to nice of a person?
I have also decided I love all my friends dearly but I will never again leave my hubby on his 30 day leave to help one. We really need our time together esp since he leaves for school soon.

then we have been looking for dogs.. I seen a great dane at the pound... oh how I want her. I am sure she is gone. She went up for adoption this morning.. Bry said no... GRRR how mean of him...

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

Well last night was Brys military ball. Can someone tell me what idiot decided to pick the venue in Autins @ 6pm on a Friday..right by 6th st. CRAZY!

Anyhoo it was nice for the most part. The food looked so disgusting neither Bry nor myself ate it. We left by about 9pm to go back to our hotel... The Radisson. I was not happy to open up the door to our room and smell weed. Bry called downstairs yes they offered to get us another room but i'm sorry for $150 a night after our discount I refused to be inconvienced. So we got a refund and left. Brought our hungry asses back up to Killeen and went to Buffola Wild Wings to eat. In all it was a decent night. I had never been to a ball before so I wanted to experience it and it had been a long time since Bry had been to one.

For valentines day Bry got my new perfume..I dont even know the name of it but i've been eyeing it at the PX & he got me a purse from Wilsons Leather. its NICE!

I got Bry lights for the garage. He is very happy.

His time home the past month has been great. All is well. Bry has resettled very well.

Until next time:)

Friday, January 23, 2009

He's home~

So my BRY got home last Saturday. Funny it feels as if he never left. I admit I had no butterflies over him coming home even while at the gym waiting, no did I have any tears upon seeing him. Bry had a tiny tear or 2.
Within 1 1/2 hrs of him being home we were at the jewerly store and he bought me a BEAUTIFUL 1 carat ring. I realize how spoiled I am by him. 3 rings within 2 1/2 yrs of being together.
So things are going just great its like a beat never skipped.
Steph is glad to have her dad back home. Bry has already sunk back in to dad mode just great. Also he is back to cooking and cleaning for us. I admit it is so nice having the break again from doing those duties.
My dad even made comments about Bry treating me so good.
Well after the losers I was married to before I deserve it.
Its not like Bry dont get anything in return thats for
So tomorrow we are having a few of his soldiers over. Also hopefully going to order a new living room set. We are doing one room a year for our house, I was nice and let Bry pic the living room because I already know the dining room table I want.
I am thankful for my friends who have stood by me thru this deployment...a few were lost along the way and it was better that way.
I realized how much I have grown over the past year. I am aware that Bry and me have a very strong relationship as we have from day one. Still we have had no fights or arguements. I have known Bry for almost 3 yrs. He is the most amazing man I have met.
Yes, my friends I know we all have the most amazing men in our they are each unique to us in their own way. Now dont be jealous I have the best

Luv u all~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I wait for you as always
Never stray from my heart
You are all I need
Even from the start
I knew you were the one
Our love can not be undone
My days are long
My nights are endless
They may laugh at us
They have no clue
They should laugh at themselves
For we are true
I am feeling blue
missing a clue
feeling out of the loop
without you
Hurry home
to the taste of love
I can be whole again
even if just for a bit

Okay so I am not a poet but I was in the mood tonight:)