Friday, January 23, 2009

He's home~

So my BRY got home last Saturday. Funny it feels as if he never left. I admit I had no butterflies over him coming home even while at the gym waiting, no did I have any tears upon seeing him. Bry had a tiny tear or 2.
Within 1 1/2 hrs of him being home we were at the jewerly store and he bought me a BEAUTIFUL 1 carat ring. I realize how spoiled I am by him. 3 rings within 2 1/2 yrs of being together.
So things are going just great its like a beat never skipped.
Steph is glad to have her dad back home. Bry has already sunk back in to dad mode just great. Also he is back to cooking and cleaning for us. I admit it is so nice having the break again from doing those duties.
My dad even made comments about Bry treating me so good.
Well after the losers I was married to before I deserve it.
Its not like Bry dont get anything in return thats for
So tomorrow we are having a few of his soldiers over. Also hopefully going to order a new living room set. We are doing one room a year for our house, I was nice and let Bry pic the living room because I already know the dining room table I want.
I am thankful for my friends who have stood by me thru this deployment...a few were lost along the way and it was better that way.
I realized how much I have grown over the past year. I am aware that Bry and me have a very strong relationship as we have from day one. Still we have had no fights or arguements. I have known Bry for almost 3 yrs. He is the most amazing man I have met.
Yes, my friends I know we all have the most amazing men in our they are each unique to us in their own way. Now dont be jealous I have the best

Luv u all~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I wait for you as always
Never stray from my heart
You are all I need
Even from the start
I knew you were the one
Our love can not be undone
My days are long
My nights are endless
They may laugh at us
They have no clue
They should laugh at themselves
For we are true
I am feeling blue
missing a clue
feeling out of the loop
without you
Hurry home
to the taste of love
I can be whole again
even if just for a bit

Okay so I am not a poet but I was in the mood tonight:)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well I have made dinner the past 2 nights in a row..I must be crazy. Tomorrow my last 2 rooms of the house will be clean.
Thursday we learned Steph might need surgery again in a few months on her foot..GRRR..

Anyways I have also turned Steph into a TWILIGHT ADDICT.. I have turned quite a few ppl into them and do I feel guilty?? HELL NO!!

I went to Ulta today and got new eye shadow oh how I love a good deal.

When Bry called home the other day he said he has the excitement of wow I am going home. He said before it just didnt feel real and all the sudden it hit him.

I can honestly say I dont have those jitters as of yet. Why freak out about him coming home?? Yea its been a yr but I am not one of them wives who has a nasty house to clean up before the man gets women like that crack me up.

Oh well I am off to read some more of my book it as kinda sucked me in but yet I still go back to reading Twilight...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So today I went to see the ortho DR. They did new xrays and he said there wasnt much of a change for my xrays from 2 weeks ago so no more splint for me since its not helping..he said to sling it.. pros and cons with a sling. Happy Dance though.

I am very tired today but I managed to get a few errands done and another section of the house clean. If I dont clean it every 2 weeks I feel it is dirty. I dont really have Steph help me clean cause I am so damn anal with the house.

I was nice and took the daddy-0 to a army surplus store..he got a few daddy o was happy.. though I swear the lady there was on my last freaking nerve. I am not sure why though.

I think this weekend I will try to do some scrapbooking. I also have some pics I really want to get scrapped into frames.

I go on my vacation to see one of my best friends since I was 12 yrs old in a few weeks I am so damn excited. Flying to another state..Though yes I admit I wish she lived closer to FORKS..yes she lives in Seattle.. Gosh I am such a dork I know.. I googled how far it was.

I know some of you wont understand while I am going on vacation as soon as Bry is home from deployment..well because we will have the rest of our lives together thats why! Also cause I miss my Ang.

Yet again I am reading Twilight..then I will read Inkheart before I read anything else.

well I am rambling on I am sure I have things I could be doing but eh oh well. I am stuck on my 360 game so I will need to get Justin over to help me with it.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

New Year Resolutions

I dont believe in New Years Resolutions... I do have a few goals though...

I want to lose 10 lbs for me, myself & I.

I will do better at calling my son.

I will do better not to yell at Bry about his ex...its not his fault bitch cant get 1 fucking simple task done (that shoud have been done a yr ago).

I will be more picky when I befriend someone (meaning if you have alot of drama follow you~ keep your ass moving). Friendship is about giving and receiving...

I am going to try to cut my cussing down esp in front of my kids.

I will continue to get our last 2 bills paid off:).

I want to go back to school.

I will only get 3 new tattoos this year.

I will try to stop calling my dad dickweed and Jerry (oh that gets on his nerves).

I will master DDR!!

I will see at least 1 movie a month.

I will make the time with BRY the best as always.

I will get more scrapbooking done.

I will not continue to bite my tounge if someone pisses me off.

I will master my be BRYs private dancers..LMAO

1 yr 1 month & 27 days

How fast the time has went since my Loverboy left me.
A few things I have been through without Bry by myside.
Steph had surgery on both feet.
I had surgery as well even managed to sneak a broken elbow in too.
8 new tattoos & 3 new piercings
Road trip to Roswell, N.M. w/ my dad & my girls
3 trips to Ohio and back.
hell I even managed to keep Steph & me I am no cook thats for sure. (what I can cook thats not in a box is good).

Bry has been so supportive this whole time.
Shortly after he deployed we had a bunch of shit go down and we survived. That bitch can kiss my ass...she thought she would ruin my marriage and she failed.
I had a few phone calls to tell my Bry was cheating on me..LMAO yet the fucker who claimed he was one of Brys soldiers couldnt tell me who other soldiers in the unit was or where they were at...never a dull moment for some ppl I suppose.

I sit here watching Nip/Tuck....thinking damn I love my boobies...I sure do...
My dad is on the phone talking away and Stephie is sound asleep.

I went to the DR today and got my consult out for the ortho dr (yes I got in that quick)
hope to hell my xrays will look good tomorrow cause yes its only been 2 weeks but I am sick
of the damn splint.

Anyways back to my topic since I went on a rambling spree.

I have learned so much about myself since Bry has been yes this deployment was good for me..I know you think I am crazy for saying that but its so true. Yes, I miss him dearly..yet I have grown so much in the past yr for the better.

I hope when Bry gets home he will appericate all that has been done since he has been gone...I mean damn I even cut my own raw chicken....and learned to make lemon chicken!

I am in the blogging mood now!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

My Life

ME. My life can be a tad crazy. I have a loud mouth. I dont give a shit what anyone thinks about me. You may think I am conceited nope I am just confident!

I have had the shitty relationships in the past. For far to long. I BELIEVE everything happens for a reason.

My BRY is the greatest guy I have ever met. We dont fight nor dont argue. He has been in the ARMY for 12 yrs. I support him 110%. We married just 60 days after meeting. We married 6-6-06. Roll your eyes I dont care. Dont judge what you dont know~

My kids are my world.

Steph is just wonderful at times when she is not being a beast these days. (She calls BRY dad~after all he has been the father figure for over 2 yrs now). Steph will be a teenager in just a few I ready for it FUCK NO!!

Brendan takes after the men in my family with his looks. He is so charming - he has the eyes that girls are going to go crazy over.

Then my little Phallon Blu...She is so smart. Her personality is so out going, so full of life. Phallon was 11 lbs at birth and worth it.

My oldest lives with me my younger 2 in Ohio. Not because I am a bad mom but because I chose to move with my husband. I go home as ofter as I can to see them.

At this point in my life I am content. I am waiting for BRY to get back from deployment which is soon. He had to take leave 60 days after he left so that means by the time I see him it will be a year. BRY is worth the wait. This is the life we have chose.

I am addicted to tattoos I have 24.

Bry & me are complete opposites..must be why we go so well together.

I am spoiled in my marriage I know that. We have no jealousy in our relationship (roll your eyes). I happily admit to it. Know this I also do alot for BRY! How many wives of deployed spouses can say they sent their spouse a letter plus everyday while he/she was gone...well I did. I sent BRY over 400 letters & cards. He saved every single 1 of them. I am sure he had the haters in the unit with all his mail. Every thing I do I just feel will never be enough because all he does for me.

I have so much happiness. I have ppl who probley think BRY & me dont belong together but fuck them. They need to worry about their own lives.
I have a good relationship with my dad. I can tell him anything.
My mom died when I was 17. More about that later.
I have a awesome older brother Shane who lives in Mexico.
A awesome olders sister Karrie who is in Ohio.
Then oh Jerrod is another story..but he is my brother..just another story.