Friday, January 23, 2009

He's home~

So my BRY got home last Saturday. Funny it feels as if he never left. I admit I had no butterflies over him coming home even while at the gym waiting, no did I have any tears upon seeing him. Bry had a tiny tear or 2.
Within 1 1/2 hrs of him being home we were at the jewerly store and he bought me a BEAUTIFUL 1 carat ring. I realize how spoiled I am by him. 3 rings within 2 1/2 yrs of being together.
So things are going just great its like a beat never skipped.
Steph is glad to have her dad back home. Bry has already sunk back in to dad mode just great. Also he is back to cooking and cleaning for us. I admit it is so nice having the break again from doing those duties.
My dad even made comments about Bry treating me so good.
Well after the losers I was married to before I deserve it.
Its not like Bry dont get anything in return thats for
So tomorrow we are having a few of his soldiers over. Also hopefully going to order a new living room set. We are doing one room a year for our house, I was nice and let Bry pic the living room because I already know the dining room table I want.
I am thankful for my friends who have stood by me thru this deployment...a few were lost along the way and it was better that way.
I realized how much I have grown over the past year. I am aware that Bry and me have a very strong relationship as we have from day one. Still we have had no fights or arguements. I have known Bry for almost 3 yrs. He is the most amazing man I have met.
Yes, my friends I know we all have the most amazing men in our they are each unique to us in their own way. Now dont be jealous I have the best

Luv u all~

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