Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentines Day

Well last night was Brys military ball. Can someone tell me what idiot decided to pick the venue in Autins @ 6pm on a Friday..right by 6th st. CRAZY!

Anyhoo it was nice for the most part. The food looked so disgusting neither Bry nor myself ate it. We left by about 9pm to go back to our hotel... The Radisson. I was not happy to open up the door to our room and smell weed. Bry called downstairs yes they offered to get us another room but i'm sorry for $150 a night after our discount I refused to be inconvienced. So we got a refund and left. Brought our hungry asses back up to Killeen and went to Buffola Wild Wings to eat. In all it was a decent night. I had never been to a ball before so I wanted to experience it and it had been a long time since Bry had been to one.

For valentines day Bry got my new perfume..I dont even know the name of it but i've been eyeing it at the PX & he got me a purse from Wilsons Leather. its NICE!

I got Bry lights for the garage. He is very happy.

His time home the past month has been great. All is well. Bry has resettled very well.

Until next time:)

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