Tuesday, January 6, 2009

1 yr 1 month & 27 days

How fast the time has went since my Loverboy left me.
A few things I have been through without Bry by myside.
Steph had surgery on both feet.
I had surgery as well even managed to sneak a broken elbow in too.
8 new tattoos & 3 new piercings
Road trip to Roswell, N.M. w/ my dad & my girls
3 trips to Ohio and back.
hell I even managed to keep Steph & me fed..lol.. I am no cook thats for sure. (what I can cook thats not in a box is good).

Bry has been so supportive this whole time.
Shortly after he deployed we had a bunch of shit go down and we survived. That bitch can kiss my ass...she thought she would ruin my marriage and she failed.
I had a few phone calls to tell my Bry was cheating on me..LMAO yet the fucker who claimed he was one of Brys soldiers couldnt tell me who other soldiers in the unit was or where they were at...never a dull moment for some ppl I suppose.

I sit here watching Nip/Tuck....thinking damn I love my boobies...I sure do...
My dad is on the phone talking away and Stephie is sound asleep.

I went to the DR today and got my consult out for the ortho dr (yes I got in that quick)
hope to hell my xrays will look good tomorrow cause yes its only been 2 weeks but I am sick
of the damn splint.

Anyways back to my topic since I went on a rambling spree.

I have learned so much about myself since Bry has been gone...so yes this deployment was good for me..I know you think I am crazy for saying that but its so true. Yes, I miss him dearly..yet I have grown so much in the past yr for the better.

I hope when Bry gets home he will appericate all that has been done since he has been gone...I mean damn I even cut my own raw chicken....and learned to make lemon chicken!

I am in the blogging mood now!!

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