Monday, January 5, 2009

My Life

ME. My life can be a tad crazy. I have a loud mouth. I dont give a shit what anyone thinks about me. You may think I am conceited nope I am just confident!

I have had the shitty relationships in the past. For far to long. I BELIEVE everything happens for a reason.

My BRY is the greatest guy I have ever met. We dont fight nor dont argue. He has been in the ARMY for 12 yrs. I support him 110%. We married just 60 days after meeting. We married 6-6-06. Roll your eyes I dont care. Dont judge what you dont know~

My kids are my world.

Steph is just wonderful at times when she is not being a beast these days. (She calls BRY dad~after all he has been the father figure for over 2 yrs now). Steph will be a teenager in just a few I ready for it FUCK NO!!

Brendan takes after the men in my family with his looks. He is so charming - he has the eyes that girls are going to go crazy over.

Then my little Phallon Blu...She is so smart. Her personality is so out going, so full of life. Phallon was 11 lbs at birth and worth it.

My oldest lives with me my younger 2 in Ohio. Not because I am a bad mom but because I chose to move with my husband. I go home as ofter as I can to see them.

At this point in my life I am content. I am waiting for BRY to get back from deployment which is soon. He had to take leave 60 days after he left so that means by the time I see him it will be a year. BRY is worth the wait. This is the life we have chose.

I am addicted to tattoos I have 24.

Bry & me are complete opposites..must be why we go so well together.

I am spoiled in my marriage I know that. We have no jealousy in our relationship (roll your eyes). I happily admit to it. Know this I also do alot for BRY! How many wives of deployed spouses can say they sent their spouse a letter plus everyday while he/she was gone...well I did. I sent BRY over 400 letters & cards. He saved every single 1 of them. I am sure he had the haters in the unit with all his mail. Every thing I do I just feel will never be enough because all he does for me.

I have so much happiness. I have ppl who probley think BRY & me dont belong together but fuck them. They need to worry about their own lives.
I have a good relationship with my dad. I can tell him anything.
My mom died when I was 17. More about that later.
I have a awesome older brother Shane who lives in Mexico.
A awesome olders sister Karrie who is in Ohio.
Then oh Jerrod is another story..but he is my brother..just another story.

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  1. Just wanted to stop by and "roll my eyes"!! Hehehe...JK.