Wednesday, January 7, 2009


So today I went to see the ortho DR. They did new xrays and he said there wasnt much of a change for my xrays from 2 weeks ago so no more splint for me since its not helping..he said to sling it.. pros and cons with a sling. Happy Dance though.

I am very tired today but I managed to get a few errands done and another section of the house clean. If I dont clean it every 2 weeks I feel it is dirty. I dont really have Steph help me clean cause I am so damn anal with the house.

I was nice and took the daddy-0 to a army surplus store..he got a few daddy o was happy.. though I swear the lady there was on my last freaking nerve. I am not sure why though.

I think this weekend I will try to do some scrapbooking. I also have some pics I really want to get scrapped into frames.

I go on my vacation to see one of my best friends since I was 12 yrs old in a few weeks I am so damn excited. Flying to another state..Though yes I admit I wish she lived closer to FORKS..yes she lives in Seattle.. Gosh I am such a dork I know.. I googled how far it was.

I know some of you wont understand while I am going on vacation as soon as Bry is home from deployment..well because we will have the rest of our lives together thats why! Also cause I miss my Ang.

Yet again I am reading Twilight..then I will read Inkheart before I read anything else.

well I am rambling on I am sure I have things I could be doing but eh oh well. I am stuck on my 360 game so I will need to get Justin over to help me with it.

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  1. Well I see you are sticking to the "not calling him dickweed or Jerry" thing! Now we are going with Daddy O!

    And yes, you are a dork about the Forks thing. Edward took me there not long after we met! :) LOL!