Saturday, January 10, 2009


Well I have made dinner the past 2 nights in a row..I must be crazy. Tomorrow my last 2 rooms of the house will be clean.
Thursday we learned Steph might need surgery again in a few months on her foot..GRRR..

Anyways I have also turned Steph into a TWILIGHT ADDICT.. I have turned quite a few ppl into them and do I feel guilty?? HELL NO!!

I went to Ulta today and got new eye shadow oh how I love a good deal.

When Bry called home the other day he said he has the excitement of wow I am going home. He said before it just didnt feel real and all the sudden it hit him.

I can honestly say I dont have those jitters as of yet. Why freak out about him coming home?? Yea its been a yr but I am not one of them wives who has a nasty house to clean up before the man gets women like that crack me up.

Oh well I am off to read some more of my book it as kinda sucked me in but yet I still go back to reading Twilight...

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  1. And they call me Evil! You tempt us all with Edward. I'm so glad we have a schedule!! Hehehe!